Over 35 Years  Experience Assisting Our Clients in over 80 countries around the world with their US Expatriate and  US International Tax Returns and Planning - We Make the Complex  International Tax Rules and Expatriate Tax Return Preparation simple and easy for you.


PAST YEAR EXPAT TAX RETURN SPECIALISTS: We have helped hundreds of US expatriates who have not filed their past tax returns because they were not aware of the IRS requirements. You will discover we have made this complex process  easy.  Often due to the special tax benefits  (such as the foreign earned income exclusion and foreign tax credits) available to expats little or no tax is owed when the returns filed . We have helped hundreds of expats catch up successfully.  Let us help you get back into good standing with the IRS. Email us to request our Past Tax Year expatriate tax questionnaire.  or download the questionnaire below for an immediate fee quote.
We have represented over a hundred clients with IRS Offshore Disclosure Filings and the IRS Streamlined Program Applications. In additional we are experts on the US tax aspects of US Citizenship Surrender and Long Term Green Card Surrender.

2014 US EXPATRIATE AND INTERNATIONAL TAX RETURNSx8In the  past 35  years we have helped thousands of  US expats with their  US income tax return filings catch up. For 2014 we can use our specialized and experienced expertise to  prepare your US Tax expat  returns to achieve the best possible tax results.  Most tax preparers do not understand the complex US expatriate and international tax laws.   We offer our clients "attorney-client" privilege in the process which is not available from other tax preparers or CPAs. Download Your  2014 Expat  tax questionnaire HERE, fill it out and sent it to us for a fast  fee quote  and to get your tax return started now. We make the process simple, fast and easy .  We also can prepare past year tax returns and assist you entering the IRS Offshore Disclosure Program or the IRS Streamlined Program (to catch up and avoid or pay lower penalties for the late filing)

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Don D. Nelson is an Attorney at Law and  retired Certified Public Accountant with ovnelson.gifer 37 years experience in U.S. expatriate, international and nonresident taxation.   He can offer you "attorney client privilege" to protect your sensitive and confidential information. Accountants, CPAs and enrolled agents cannot provide you with that important legal protection.  He is a partner in Kauffman Nelson LLP, Certified Public Accountants which practices exclusively in International and Expatriate Taxation.  He has assisted over 1,000 clients with their US expatriate and International tax matters and prepared many thousands of expatriate and international tax returns.


His tax services include tax planning, return preparation, offshore tax form preparation and representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service and State tax agencies.

He has helped hundreds of clients file past due expatriate Federal returns  Due to the foreign earned income exclusion (IRC Section 911) and foreign tax credits when these returns are prepared often there is little or no tax due regardless of the late filings.

Our site contains answers to many of your questions on expatriate taxation. Please explore all of the information contained in our site and you will find why our site is one of the most followed and popular US expatriate tax sites on the internet.  Be sure to check out our topics of tax  interest set forth below.

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US Street Addresses for IRS DHL or Fed Exp Tax Return Delivery

Tax Problems & Difficulties Solutions

IRS Audits of Expatriates

Surrender of US Citizenship to Stop Paying US Taxes

Social Security Agreements Between the US and Other Countries & the Self Employed

Offshore and International US Tax Forms

If you own part of a Foreign Corporation You Must File Form 5471

International Income Tax Rates by Country

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Foreign Pension Plan Contributions by Foreign
Employer- When Taxable
These rules are complex and need to be followed carefully

IRS Audits- How to Handle

IRS Tax Return Tips

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IRS Forms 3520 & 3520A - Required for Mexican Fideicomiso US Taxpayers

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A "MINI CONSULTATION" IS NOW AVAILABLE: If you have a specific question on your personal situation and need to discuss it with an expatriate international tax expert, with over thirty years experience request a "Mini Consultation."   "Mini Consultation" costs a minimum of $300 US for up to 30 minutes of Mr. Nelsons professional tax advice over the phone or by email without the need of visiting his office. Hundreds of U.S. taxpayers in the past few years have obtained our help with "Mini Consultations" from everywhere in the world. If you prepare your own tax return or have another accountant this is an excellent way to obtained the specialized international or expatriate tax information you need. US Phone (949) 481-4094(949) 481-4094. Our Skype address is: dondnelson US Fax (949) 606-9627. Email Don at: ddnelson@gmail.com  Payment can easily be made by credit card, paypal, western union, or wire transfer  no matter where you live in the world.


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