Tax Accountants, CPAs,  E.A., Attorneys: When you have a client that requires an US  International or Offshore tax form for their tax return, it is no longer necessary to refer them off to an international tax expert. We prepare those forms for for you even if you do not have the experience or knowledge to prepare these forms for their clients.  After we prepare the for, you just insert in with your clients tax return and send the entire package to your client.
If you are a taxpayer that prepares your own return, but need help with the listed tax forms shown below, we can assist you with the preparation of that form or provide you with telephone instruction or review your form to determine if it is correct. This is often a fraction of the cost of having an expatriate or international tax expert prepare your entire return.
The forms we can prepare for you (or review or provide instruction on) are as follows:

Form Number


Form TDF 90-22.1

Foreign Bank and Financial Account Reporting -Due no later than 6/30 following each calendar year end.

Form 5471

Foreign Corporations and Controlled Foreign Corporations

Forms 3520/3520A

Foreign Trusts and Mexican Fideicomisos

Form 8865

Foreign Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

Form 926

Contributions of Property and Cash to a Foreign Corporation

Form 2555

Individual Expatriate Taxpayer Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Form 1116

Foreign Tax Credit to Offset US tax on same item of income

Form 8833

Taking a Treaty Position on Tax Return

Form 8938 (draft)

Reporting Offshore Financial Assets

Current Draft of Form